Plastic Tide Turners

When do they degrade?

This activity helps young people to understand what degradation and the time different materials...

Choose activity When do they degrade?

Plastics beginnings (Plastics - Then & Now)

This activity helps young people understand that much of plastic use, which is treated as essential...

Choose activity Plastics beginnings (Plastics - Then & Now)

Bottle Planters

This activity helps to introduce young people to creative ways of using packaging waste

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Movie Night

A fun way for the participants to learn more about the plastics problem

Choose activity Movie Night

Changing minds

Activate your advocate persona, raise awareness about the issues affecting our planet and its...

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Audit your Plastic Habit

This activity will get you thinking about how you can reduce your use of plastics in your daily...

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Biggest plastic footprints?

Inspire and challenge your friends to collect all the plastic they use and reflect on its negative...

Choose activity Biggest plastic footprints?

Play to Kill the Ocean

Dumb Ways to Kill Oceans is a small but mighty mini-game highlighting some of the biggest...

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Segregation at Source

In this activity, young people learn about the importance of waste segregation and learn to...

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Bottle cap mosaic Art & Craft

This activity encourages young people to understand about reuse and recycling through activity

Choose activity Bottle cap mosaic Art & Craft

Poster campaign

Get creative and demonstrate hands-on leadership with a poster to get people aware of critical...

Choose activity Poster campaign

Plastic resolution

Explore how much you can reduce your plastic consumption and what new practices you can adopt to...

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