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Plastic Tide Turners Challenge

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Bet you didn't know…

  • 12 million tons of plastic find its way into the ocean every single year causing pollution.
  • A plastic bag takes 20 years to decompose while a plastic bottle takes over 450 years!
  • Less than a fifth of all plastic is recycled globally.
  • Up to 9 of 10 seabirds, 1 in 3 sea turtles and more than half of whale and dolphin species have ingested plastic mistaking it for food.

So now what can we do about it?

UN Environment
Alwaleed Philanthropies

Take this challenge and you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize how the way we produce, use and dispose of plastic has harmful effects on ecosystems.
  • Identify problems in your community caused by plastic pollution.
  • Develop creative and sustainable solutions with others.
  • Implement some of your solutions.
  • Inspire others around you to reduce, reuse and recycle too!

8 steps to earn your digital badge:

  1. Agree with your Leader on the activities and a community project you want to do.
  2. Complete a minimum of 5 activities from our activity bank (next page).
  3. Answer the reflection questions after each activity.
  4. Complete your community service project related to curbing plastic pollution.
  5. Reflect with your Adult Leader on your experience during the challenge and how your project is making a positive change.
  6. Share your project story on by clicking “Take Action”.
  7. Wait up to one week for your feedback email.
  8. Congratulations on a job well done! Your digital badge is in your account.

Let’s dive into the activities to surf the tides of a plastic-free future!