Peace and Community Engagement

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The Messengers of Peace Challenges will help you confront and expand your worldviews while gaining skills to promote peace and unity, organize community action, preserve cultural heritage, and more.

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Ready for a more peaceful world? You can be the change! Take on the Dialogue for Peace Challenge to become empowered to use dialogue as a tool to acknowledge different identities and to prevent or address conflict and violence.

Through Dialogue for Peace, you'll be challenged to expand your worldview, incorporate dialogue in different dimensions of life, and advocate for mutual understanding.

Are you looking to discover, understand and make friends in a diverse and inclusive world of different religions? The Interreligious Dialogue Challenge helps young people like you become capable, confident and committed in the area of spiritual and religious development.

The Challenge will encourage you to grow spiritually by living out your duty to God, duty to others and duty to yourself. You will develop a deeper appreciation and respect for religious diversity.

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