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10 Principles of Dialogue

Unscramble the sentence to build the 10 Principles of Dialogue!

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A Teaspoon of Happiness

In this activity, you will get the opportunity to spread happiness to your friends or family...

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LS Planes

Airplane Race with Recycled Paper

In this activity, you will make and fly a paper airplane. The goal of this activity is to design...

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Audit your Plastic Habit

This activity will get you thinking about how you can reduce your use of plastics in your daily...

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Balloon Perceptions

Using balloons, this is a short game which shows how protective we can be of our own identity and...

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Big Foot Ski Game

For this activity, you will need to work in teams of five to compete in a race while connected by...

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Biggest plastic footprints?

Inspire and challenge your friends to collect all the plastic they use and reflect on its negative...

Choose activity Biggest plastic footprints?

BioBlitz - Natural area exploration

Participants will collaborate in organizing and executing a BioBlitz, finding and identifying as...

Choose activity BioBlitz - Natural area exploration