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Boat Building

An activity of paper boat building, but with a hidden meaning. This game aims to simulate a...

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Bogus Bulletins

Find facts, not fake news, in this investigation of internet sources, and wander the web with...

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Bottle cap mosaic Art & Craft

This activity encourages young people to understand about reuse and recycling through activity

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Bottle Planters

This activity helps to introduce young people to creative ways of using packaging waste

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Can You Guess It?

Experience differences in perceptions through an interactive, quick-fire description and acting...

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Changing minds

Activate your advocate persona, raise awareness about the issues affecting our planet and its...

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Check Your Engine

During this activity, you will learn about health and well-being while having fun! Through a simple...

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Collect Water from Vegetation

Apply the heat energy of the sun's rays in a practical way, as a means of obtaining clean water...

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