Interreligious Dialogue

To get started, check out the activities and resources below and speak with your Scout Leader about taking the Interreligious Dialogue Challenge! 

Identity Star

A deep reflection on what makes up our identity, how we all have a uniqueness to our identities and...

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Perception Images

Look wide- consider the different images and explore how they make you think/ feel. Reflect on your...

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Perception Pictionary

Through drawing and describing, explore your own perceptions and how the perceptions of others can...

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10 Principles of Dialogue

Unscramble the sentence to build the 10 Principles of Dialogue!

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Dialogical Scout

Explore what we mean to be a Dialogical Scout and feel empowered to define who you are, in a...

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Dialogue Cafe

It's time to use your dialogue skills and grow as a Dialogical Scout, in a Dialogue Café!

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Peacebuilding Map

Explore the different stages of conflict, in a manageable and simplified way.

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Your Conflict Style

Navigate through a journey of understanding yourself and the topic of conflict, through group and...

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Dialogue Zone

Discover your personal learning zone (dialogue zone) while getting more familiar with the comfort...

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Diversity Bingo

A game of bingo, but with a twist. Complete a line on your bingo card using the diversity in the...

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