Champions for Nature

To start, check out the activities below, speak with your Scouts, and start your digital badge journey. Your digital badges are the starting point for becoming part of the Earth Tribe.

Recycling and reducing

Do you know the difference between recycling and reducing waste? Get ready to understand it and...

Choose activity Recycling and reducing

Discovering Nature with Seek App by iNaturalist

Participants will be invited to use the app during other outdoor activities at the event/meeting to...

Choose activity Discovering Nature with Seek App by iNaturalist

Minimum Impact on Nature

Explore what will happen locally and globally if we continue to cut down rainforest at the same...

Choose activity Minimum Impact on Nature

BioBlitz - Natural area exploration

Participants will collaborate in organizing and executing a BioBlitz, finding and identifying as...

Choose activity BioBlitz - Natural area exploration

Food Pyramid

This activity is about understanding the impact your choice of daily food has on the environment...

Choose activity Food Pyramid

One Planet

This activity aims to inspire the participants to understand our planet - and the challenges it...

Choose activity One Planet

Your eco-friendly life

This activity focuses on how you can contribute to sustainability with daily personal habits. You...

Choose activity Your eco-friendly life

Learning about Tree Planting

To Understand the process of reforestation/revegetation: Know where trees and plants come from for...

Choose activity Learning about Tree Planting

Web of Life

Have fun as a group while exploring the connections between animals and plants. Understand what...

Choose activity Web of Life

S.E.E the links

To explore the linkages between Society, Environment, and Economy (= S.E.E.) by looking at...

Choose activity S.E.E the links

Green or Red

The purpose of this activity is for you to consider various statements and develop your own...

Choose activity Green or Red

Storytelling - the Pixar Pitch

Advocacy allows young people to express their views and proposals for creating a better world...

Choose activity Storytelling - the Pixar Pitch

Champions for Nature is part of the Earth Tribe family. The Earth Tribe unites young people in a global community to become champions for preserving and protecting our Planet!

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