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Four Corners

This activity aims to help participants share opinions and consider the opinions, perspectives and values of others related to sustainable production.

Develop these Key Competencies:

  • Self Awareness
  • Critical thinking

Materials needed

No Material Required

Activity Description
  1. The facilitator prepares an area or space where 4 corners can easily be marked a meeting room or an open area with a marked square on the floor.
  2. The facilitator explains participants will answer questions by moving and choosing 1 of 4 possible answers. Each answer option corresponds to one of the 4 corners of the room or the space. Participants can show their answer choice by moving to one of the four corners.
  3. Participants come to the centre of the space, ready to hear the questions and show their preferred position.
  4. The instructor reads the question and indicates which corner of the room has been allocated to which alternative. Each person silently moves to the corner that reflects their preference.
  5. Once all the participants are in their preferred corner, the facilitator opens the floor for some to share why they chose it. He offers the opportunity to different participants in different corners. The participants are allowed to change corners if they change their minds.

Age range

  • 15 and above

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Age range

  • 15 and above