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Azərbaycan Skautları

"Scout Spring Camp" on May 11-12 - Bilasuvar district

With the financial support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the organizational support of the Azerbaijan Scouts Association, Bilasuvar Scouts held a camp called "Scout Spring Camp" on May 11-12, 2021.

The heads of the Bilasuvar District Executive Power and the Masalli District Executive Power provided moral support for the camp, and accompanied our scouts to and from the camp with their representatives along the way.

During the camp, the representative of the Masalli District Executive Power took a close interest in our scouts and expressed their moral support until the end of the camp, stating that they were always with the scouts.

There were 28 scouts, 1 leader and 3 assistant leaders in the camp.

Hygienic rules were fully observed during the camp, and these rules were fully controlled until the end of the camp.

During the camp, the first official opening of the camp took place, the scouts were once again informed about the terrible consequences of the pandemic, and were given the necessary instructions to protect themselves from disease.

The camp program includes Preliminary Scout training, tent dismantling training and tent assembly competitions between patrols, shooting rifle shooting competitions, archery competitions, forest coding - sign reading training, evening camp camping, mountaineering - active hiking and training games held. The scouts were provided with high quality food.

The scouts had a high camp spirit and a disciplined scouting ability. Upon completion of the camp program, the scouts were handed over to their families.

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