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Scout Bazaar - Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an urgent call for action by all countries - developed and developing - in a global partnership..As a part of the Pakistan Boy Scouts Association (PBSA), it is our utmost responsibility to ensure that scouts all over the nation are performing at their best in the effective contribution of these SDGs.
In view of the foregoing, Ismaili Karimabad Scout Unit (IKSU) planned an event with the name of “Scout Bazaar”, in which eight patrols of IKSU participated in an epic gala of competition to enhance an overall skill set and help contribute in SDGs. Moreover, a marketing campaign was also conducted through a Social Media page titling – “Scout Bazaar Portal”. This helped bring in new ideas and solutions that a patrol can address while contributing to their SDGs.
After successfully structuring the idea of each patrol, each patrol went through the implementation phase at the community level and showcased the efficiency of their solution(s) that might become a breakthrough in Pakistan Society. Consequently, an Awareness Creation Desk (ACD) was also set up in Karimabad Jamat Khana. As name suggests, it helped Scouts to interact with Jamati members and create awareness amongst Jamati members about their role and contribution towards SDGs.
In this regard, a final exhibition was held in Jamat-Khana on November 14 , 2020, where all these patrol presents their SDGs and related execution to Jamati members. This exhibition also helped community members to feel their sense of responsibility towards SDGs and preach the same to their fellow as well
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