Food Donation Programme in Bangladesh

Donating to the needy is a great way to improve the conditions in our neighborhood or community. Donating food to the worthy people or organizations helps counter poverty, hunger and at the same time, it can improve harmony, friendliness, trust among residents. So this things inspired our team to take part in this programme.

Members of Uttara High School And College Scout Group initiated the food donation programme on 19/05/2022 at sector -9, Uttara - Dhaka, 1230 in which 32 scouts participated actively. We collected some food packets and insufficient things to implement this programme .

About 105 people benefited from this project . Donating food actually helps serve two purposes for bettering communities, though one is less obvious than the other. Aside from the immediate benefits to the members of our communities the planet benefits greatly as well. The less unspoiled food that gets thrown away, the less unspoiled food that is sent to a landfill where it ultimately goes to waste.

It's a unique opportunity to meet others, learn more about the struggles our community is facing, and helps to other by our side as possible .

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