Drugs and combating their spread

Addiction, whether smoking or drugs, destroys youth and destroys health, atmosphere, and a clean environment. Therefore, I decided to hold this awareness meeting. This initiative is for troopers and scouts at the Egyptian Sea Scout Association, Matrouh branch. Lectures and seminars were held, and publications and brochures were printed to raise awareness about reducing the harm of drugs and smoking and ways to combat their spread and knowing the effects of the complications of drug addiction. How does a family know that they have an addict? Preventing drug addiction and strengthening the conscience. Religion among children. Respecting children’s opinions and encouraging them to express themselves. Giving them confidence to reveal their problems and approach them. Focus on cultural principles and constants. Developing children’s interests in positive activities such as sports, drawing, programming, etc. Teaching children how to deal with psychological pressure and frustration. Set aside times to have fun with them. Allocate time to spend with each son or daughter and share their school activities with the father and mother.
Health lifestyles
Personal safety
Sexual and reproductive health

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