For more than a century, Scouts have contributed to problem-solving to transform communities and work towards a better world for all. Today, this Movement has grown to over 57 million people learning and contributing in 175 countries.

Scouts for SDGs is a global mobilisation effort to inspire and enable young people through Scouting’s educational programme and local projects to become global citizens taking action for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) worldwide.

Youth-led Action

Our non-formal education programmes and resource mobilization aim to empower Scouts to lead in their communities and tackle the most pressing issues in their countries, in line with the SDGs.

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We have seen incredible youth-led community service in many areas, for example:

  • Developing a culture of peace
  • Preparing young people to prevent and respond to humanitarian crises
  • Improving public health conditions
  • Mitigating plastic pollution
  • Increasing youth employability with skills training
  • and much more
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Largest Coordinated Youth Contribution to the SDGs

Since 2018, Scouts have shared their community projects and volunteer efforts on Scouts for SDGs hub, and today we represent the world’s largest coordinated youth-led contribution to the SDGs. 

With nearly 3 billion hours of community service in more than 170 countries, young people and adult volunteers continue problem-solving and creating a better world with the support of partners, civil society, and governments at all levels.

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Our Vision for 2030

By 2030, we hope to see the SDGs achieved. Scouts envision contributing 4 billion hours of volunteer service in the areas of peace and community, health and well-being, environment and sustainability, and skills for life.

We aim to see all 175 National Scout Organizations incorporating education for sustainable development into their Youth Programmes, such as Scouts for SDGs challenges.

What have we achieved so far?

With the support of Alwaleed Philanthropies and the World Scout Foundation, we have been mapping the volunteer efforts of Scouts in 175 countries and their actions taken towards achieving each Sustainable Development Goal since 2018. The outcome of these efforts along with those funded by Alwaleed Philanthropies were documented in this evaluation report.  

Measuring Our Impact

Measuring the contributions of Scouts towards the achievement of the 17 SDGs is a priority for World Scouting, and we are continuously enhancing our measurement tools and processes for both funded and volunteering activities, as well as involving external evaluators. Young people and National Scout Organizations (NSOs) contribute to measuring and reporting the results of SDG actions:

  • Youth members organically report their actions, including the number of hours, number of volunteers and a description of what was achieved, here on the Scouts for SDGs hub. Their service projects are verified by moderators before being published on the website.
  • National Scout Organizations (NSOs) and the World Scouting monitor and evaluate funded and non-funded actions and projects, like capacity development, advocacy campaigns, and community projects.

Partner or Support Scouts for SDGs

World Scouting is always happy to hear from potential partners and supporters.

If you would like to discuss the potential to work together to engage more young people in positive action for a better world, you can reach out to us here.