We went to the beach my family and I, and my little brother stepped on a nail. His foot was hurt. Because the sand was not totally clean. So I decided to take an action. By cleaning a part of the beach. 'cause I don't wanna see someone bleeding because of trash on the beach. I talked to my friend and they joined me.
We first collected money to buy equipments such as gloves, masks garbage bags, and also money for food and transport. We planned to do this action each Sundays... But as we had our school programs also, we decided to do it each three months. At the beginning it was not easy at all but with encouragement from others people we did it.
6 months after we started, 12 volunteers joined us. People started being aware of the danger of throwing rubbish on the beach and most of them stopped doing that.
I learned that it is by acting that we can touch people the most. So now I do more actions to impacts my environment
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