Scout engagement on climate change in Madagascar

The bootcamp carried out by the Tily Eto Madagasikara scouts in the Bemanonga municipality, in the Menabe region of Madagascar, took place as part of a fruitful collaboration between the CRAAD-OI association and the Tily Eto Madagasikara scouts. The main objective of this project is to conduct research and take action on the impacts of climate change and deforestation in Madagascar

The two organizations provided comprehensive training to 40 scouts on sustainable practices and environmental awareness-raising. They analyzed the local environment and conducted a study of community practices to determine the best approach for raising awareness. Awareness sessions and workshops were held to educate residents on the impacts of climate change and encourage sustainable practices. They made regular evaluations to ensure long-term positive results.

The scouts Tily Eto Madagasikara, on the other hand, brought its passion for environmental protection and its commitment to the community. Together, they worked to achieve their goals and make a real difference in the lives of around 540 peoples in the region. By working together to raise awareness among residents about the impacts of climate change and deforestation, both organizations contributed to SDG 13: Climate Action.

The success of this bootcamp demonstrates the importance of community engagement and teamwork in addressing environmental challenges. The scouts of Tily Eto Madagasikara proved that even a small action can have a huge impact on people's lives and the environment. Their inspiring story shows the way forward to build a sustainable future for all.

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