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Scouting’s action-oriented approach to education is uniquely designed to equip young people with the competencies to become active global citizens and contribute to peace and sustainable development.

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Over the years, Scouting has made extraordinary contributions to improve the sustainability of our planet, promote peace, and tackle inequality.

Scouts have already contributed more than two billion hours towards sustainable development through World Scouting initiatives - and that's only what's been recorded so far!

Scouts for SDGs mobilizes millions of Scouts around the world to make the world’s largest coordinated youth contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Our goal is to deliver a total of 4 billion hours of community service!

Scouts for SDGs features this online hub and a range of educational tools, like action kits, training and resources to support National Scout Organizations in aligning their Youth Programme and other activities with the SDGs.

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This initiative also leverages financial and in-kind contributions from the World Scout Foundation and a wide network of partners, including United Nations agencies and non-governmental organizations, to support local projects led by Scouts.

Our Partners

Alwaleed Philanthropies
Messengers of Peace
Together for Our Planet
UN Environment
UN Women