Decent Jobs and
Economic Growth

Over 200 million people don't have jobs, and many of those who do still live in poverty. Achieving Goal 8 means creating decent jobs, equipping young people with relevant job skills, protecting everyone's labour rights, and putting a stop to child labour.

Take Action

Check out stories of youth-led action and access resources to contribute to the SDGs. Together we can make the world a better place!

Scout skills land you a better job

Can Scout skills land you a better job?

Learn how to translate your Scout volunteer skills into the language of employers.

Prepared for life

Be prepared for life.

A new study found that Scouts are more confident, better leaders, and more prepared for life.

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PW (Perkemahan Wirakarya) adalah bentuk kegiatan Perkemahan Bakti kepada masyarakat yang diterjunkan langsung untuk kegiatan sosial. PW Cab 2014 yang di selenggarakan oleh
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