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Small actions can save the world

My clearest goal has always been to be able to save the world. Since I was a child I have cared too much about the environment, so I decided to give back to him a little of the experiences I have been able to live thanks to him, from there kãnẽ̀wẽ tö̀ was born, an environmental project focused on quality education, learning by doing and reforestation campaigns and waste collection, due to the pollution that exists in the surroundings of my state

The project was carried out in the provinces of San José and Cartago in Costa Rica, where thanks to talks and activities it was possible to teach people of all ages and create a better awareness of the environment, the same activities were financed by different non-profit organizations. In addition, the project had an international scope through the alliances created.

The project had a great impact, also thanks to the fact that social networks facilitate communication and support between projects from different countries, the project impacted more than 550 people, who learned about issues of social importance, we also managed to reforest about 120 trees , correctly dispose of close to 700 pounds of waste and be able to reduce tons of CO2 in the atmosphere through composting, all thanks to the volunteerism of many people who want to help make a change

Thanks to the project process, I obtained new knowledge about environmental issues or techniques that were very basic to my knowledge, I was also able to carry out activities in a better and more spontaneous way, I was also able to improve my leadership skills, public speaking, formation of strategic alliances and my feelings of shame or fear decreased.

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