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Parisara Habba, its literal meaning is “Festival of the Environment” is a symbolic celebration of our environment. At its crux, environmentalism is an attempt to balance relations between humans and the various natural systems on which they depend in such a way that all the components are accorded a proper degree of sustainability. Environmentalism has changed to deal with new issues such as global warming, overpopulation and genetic engineering. Today’s society is more aware of the state of the planet. Eco Clubs in schools are now working to create new ideals for the future through sustainable schools and other minor changes in student lives like buying organic food, clothing and personal care items. Corporate companies are taking up their CSR activities more seriously. NGOs have been in the forefront of creating awareness and advocacy. The World Environment Day celebrations were organized by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) at Kanteerava Stadium on June 5 &6, 2015. On an invitation from the KSPCB, The Bharat Scouts & Guides, Karnataka Participated in the Parisara HABBA The event was planned to reach 50,000 children A total of 20460 Scouts, Guides, NCC , NSS and School Children participated in the on the 5th June 2015 and A total of 21780 Scouts, Guides, NCC , NSS and School Children participated in the on the 6th June 2015 Total Service hours are 42240 Participants x Approx 8 Hours = 337920
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