Palms plantation (Dates of Peace)

Palms plantation (Dates of Peace)

The named project aimed at the fundraising of the scouting activities on local level, providing Job opportunities for youth through the named project and developing the infrastructure of the Al- Karama campsite in order to increase the scouting activities umbrella to the young people and youth. Objectives of the project Taking the advantage of the capabilities of Scouts and Girl Guides to work on the cultivation of palm trees 40 dunums (Majhoul type). Identified Needs: Context - Fundraising the scouting activities - Developing the infrastructure of the Al- Karama campsite in order to increase the scouting activities umbrella to the young people and youth. Specific issues addressed - Supporting the different scouting activities on local level. - Developing the spirit of Team work - Providing Job opportunities for youth through the named project. Results of the project Fundraising the scouting activities Developing the infrastructure of the Al- Karama campsite Building the capacities of the scouts. Provide in-kind support for poor families and the needy and for the Scouts in their communities. Building the capacity of scouts in the field of environment protection and cultivation of palm trees and their preservation. Strengths: 1- It is a commercial and exporting type of palms 2- The operational costs of the project are less getting the benefit of its location. 3- Availability of labor (voluntary scouts) Weaknesses: 1- The Technical & consultant services 2- The training process of the involved scouts/ workers. WHAT ARE THE FINAL OUTPUTS OF YOUR PROJECT? ACTIVITY 1: Preparation of the venue/ location Action: In close cooperation with Building & Projects Management dept., Ministry of Education, Military Armed forces, the agricultural engineers and the scouts; the land drawings were conducted. Outputs: Identifying & fixing the irrigation system and preparing the land (about 35 acres) as well as the preparation of the digging spots. ACTIVITY 2: Preparation of a pool of water for irrigation Action: * Identifying the location of the pool * Development of relevant plans & studies. * Carrying on digging process * Finishing the preparation mission Outputs: Having a pool for irrigation (8m. × 10m. × 2.50m.) ACTIVITY 3 : Building a metal fence around the farm and preparing the irrigation system. Action: listing relevant expenses of preparation process and announcing bidding. Outputs: * Building a fence (300m. × 2m.) at the front of the farm as well as gates. * Establishing irrigation system * Identifying planting spots * Planting about 300 palm trees. THE SIGNIFICANT AND POSITIVE CHANGES THE PROJECT BROUGHT TO BENEFICIARIES AND THE FACTORS THAT PLAYED A ROLE IN YOUR SUCCESS. • Reclamation of the land and planting it where the revenues support building & renovating the infrastructure of Al- Karamah scouting camp site. The process has a positive impact on the quality of provided services to the scouts & girl guides come to the camp. • The sincere cooperation of all involved organizations and institutions. • Providing good revenues which contributed in supporting financially the participation of Jordanian scouts in the different scouting activities on national, Arab & World levels. • Introducing the project to the scouts and to the community in particular and the MOP initiative in general (goals & objectives of MoP initiative). • Paying more attention to the named project on national level especially among the scouts & guides who have a great contribution in the preparation process of the project and carried on public services in the light of the different relevant activities and tasks. INTERVIEWS AND TESTIMONIALS. 1- The experience which the scouts gained through their contribution in the name project has a great impact on them as they carried on important community service tasks via it. The importance of this project was driven from that it was implemented in untapped land which were planted with in-useful trees. But now it was replanted with useful ones that provide revenues which benefit the scout movement in Jordan in a way or another as well as providing job opportunities for youth. The project is considered as a great achievement for Jordanian scout movement in general and the Arab one in particular while they are celebrating 2nd centenary of the Arab Scout movement. On the other hand, it reflects the vital and great contribution of youth in developing and serving their communities. 2. The goal of the project is to promote the sense of belonging among Jordanian scout members by their vital contribution in the different phases of the named project. We can say that the success of the project came as a result of the sincere and permanent cooperation among Jordanian (NSO), the Arab Regional Office and MoP. The involved scouts and leaders are able to recognize the importance of community service and development where the spirit of cooperation was embodied via the one teamwork who was trained on relevant skills. LESSONS LEARNED • Close and sincere cooperation of all relevant private and governmental institutions & organizations as well as the scout movement for the success of this developmental project. • Reclamation of the land and reuse of it where its revenue benefit the scout movement. • Highlighting the role of the scout movement in the community via their contribution in this project and which was reflected in the positive feedback of those visit the campsite. PARTNERS FOR YOUR PROJECT: 1- Ministry of Education, it facilitated relevant procedures and provided financial grants as well as technical & managerial support 2- Al- Haq farms, it provided Technical and agricultural engineering supervision for the project.
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