MESSENGERS OF PEACE Session-Project Discussion Cum Support KSA⚜ #25WSJKOREA2023

MESSENGERS OF PEACE Session-Project Discussion Cum Support KSA⚜ #25WSJKOREA2023

Messenger of Peace Session. Project discussions during the ADVENTURE SUMMER CAMP-2017 (14 to 18July17)ORG. BY RANG GHAR OPEN GROUP ASSOCIATED WITH LUIT VALLEY ROVER CREW at Moirabari Snr.Sec School, Marigaon Assam. The session was taken by me, Under the leadership of Parul Saikia Nath Madam Santanu Payeng and Azhar Uddin Ahmed Sir. During this session All participants actively share their vision to be a Messenger of peace to creating positive changes in their local communities. Dusscissed verious issues for commited to work towards their local community.. Projects-to take, inspirational talks, needs of community.. Lovely Enjoyed O Ale le Ale le kita tonga O masa masa masa o aloe aloe aloa. Song and MoP networking Game..when they learn the team work and able to build a network of Peace.. friendahip.. and to work to be a Messenger of peace. after the session..they moved to grand adventure-game.. then a tea-break.. at the evening.. Grand-Camp-Fire starts with verious programes..dances songs etc. open by OC of Mairabari Police. after Dinner.. at mid of Night-before we leave camp side towards home.. participants are surprised by my supports session "Supporting KSA to host 25th World Scout Jamboree 2023 in Korea- SaeManGeum." we strongly and lovely inspire..introduced.. talks..and "WHY KOREA". Done a successful project towards community impact.. and to be a peace Messenger.
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