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Mohamed Rikzan
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Messenger of Peace - R.M.M.Rikzan, 11th Colombo

In the wake of the fuel crisis in Srilanka, the education authorities took steps to close schools. After the long vacation The Education Ministry decided to reopen schools. I got to know that Khairiya Girls College primary section needs to clean their surrounding for academic activities. I wanted to help them through my project.

I started a six hours cleaning project on 23rd July 2022 at Khairiya Girls College primary section. We started our project at morning 7 o'clock.

First we decided to devide the cleaning area in two parts. We trimming the grass and cleaned them. Then cleaned the flower beds covered with weeds. After that we had our breakfast and then we started second area to clean it up. We cleaned a number of places which could breed mosquitoes. Finally we swept the dried leaves and cleaned the ground. We finished our works around one o'clock. 

The level of cleanliness has a direct impact on ability to learn. From this project students and staff in Khairiya Girls College was benefited. I did my service project successfully with my two friends and we feel proud of what we did. It was a real experience for me.

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