HAM Radio & Disaster Management Training

HAM Radio & Disaster Management Training

Kerala State Bharat Scouts and Guides, Aluva District Headquarters on Saturday conducted HAM Radio Demonstration and Training for Scouts and Guides of the Educational District. 218 Scouts and Guides from 50 Schools of Aluva Educational District and 10 Staff Members attended the event. Scout Guide Teams with 30 member each were placed in different parts of Aluva Town with handheld HAM Radio Devices, form where they exchanged greetings with radio operators and other Scout-Guides across the state. Inaugural session of the program "Aakasha Jamboree" which means meeting on the air, was inaugurated by Mr. Joseph Puthussery, the District Secretary of Aluva Scout-Guide Association. District Commissioner Mr V.T. Charley presided over the meeting where HAM Radio events were led by Program Coordinator Mr. Ramhari Narayanan along with assistant coordinators Mr. Nasif C. M, Mr. Jineesh R, Mr. Benadik A. B, Mr. Muhammed Rashid and Mr. Nivin Venugopal. Usage of HAM Radios in emergency conditions and other Scout-Guide events were trained by Mr. Shaji (VU3VUL), one of the most experienced HAM Radio Operator living near Aluva. Training was also given in aspects of using HAM Radios while in deep forest trekking and service projects inside forest colonies, where there are no other modes of communication available for use. Event was conducted as part of "JOTA-JOTI", an event of World Organization of Scout Movement, where Scouts and Guides of the world communicate and exchange greetings with each other with the means of HAM Radios.
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