Emiliya Ahmadova - Azerbaijani Strong Woman , Scout Leader and Talented Writer.
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Emiliya Ahmadova - Azerbaijani Strong Woman , Scout Leader and Talented Writer.

Although I was born and grew up in Azerbaijan, as a married woman I now live abroad. Because of this redirection in my life, I speak three languages: Azeri, Russian and English. As a believer, mother, author, motivational coach, and former scout and youth leader, my life is entirely governed by the necessity of believing in the possibility of everything. In applying myself to my family and working diligently on my career, I always ensure that God plays the central and key role in my life to avoid a mere existence. My primary pursuit revolves around writing and helping people in the process by getting published: writing drives me forward by always creating texts from new ideas and thereby bringing a positive force into the lives of those surrounding me. As a writer by craft, I aim to treat subjects that not only spark and capture my readers' interest, but also instruct by highlighting those issues that we humans confront on a daily basis by providing direction (often by the indirect to find direction out as Iago said in William Shakespeare's Othello). With these objectives and based on these governing principles for writing overall, I find it best to formulate manuscripts in entirely different genres by always producing unique and not repetitive and serial works for my readers, thereby keeping them as followers. One might think that I have career goals. Just the opposite: I write as a hobby with a tool that allows me to share knowledge from lessons learned by entertaining, motivating, and guiding my readers as followers. In this vein, I have recently wrote and successfully published three entirely divergent books: (1)Broken Chains (women's fiction and protest literature); (2) A Hell For All Seasons (tales of the supernatural, occult, and paranormal); and (3) My Twin Sister and Me (children's literature for young readers). EDUCATION Together with a diploma in business management, I received a Bachelor of Arts in human resources management. Moreover, I have numerous international diplomas: (1) advanced study of the theory and practice of management, (2) administration, (3) business management, (4) communication, (5) hotel operations management, (6) office management and administration, and (7) professional English from the Cambridge International College. In addition, other significant awards have included a certificate in novel writing. Finally, along with my native language of Azerbaijani, I speak two foreign languages (Russian, and English). * * * VOLUNTARISM I particularly enjoy participating in both charitable and voluntary activities to instruct other people by introducing positive changes into their lives. Such an educative goal has informed my writing craft in the form of three novels in three unrelated genres thus far: (1) Broken Chains (women's fiction and protest literature); (2) A Hell For All Seasons (tales of the supernatural, occult, and paranormal); and (3) My Twin Sister and Me (children's literature for young readers). I still find time for other forms of voluntarism--namely, at the San Fernando Primary School, where every Friday I used to visit and spend two hours with cub scouts. * * * I: BROKEN CHAINS My novel crosses the genres of women's fiction and the new and proliferating genre of protest literature. It has been published initially in English, but also now in Russian. The titles evoke the notion of sought-after freedom from lurking fears, old habits, high anxiety, and any and all negative situations encountered far too often in life. In the example of my protagonist, my narrative illustrates how to break out of everything that keeps most individuals chained down, instead moving forward to new and better horizons without being tempted by looking backward. Forced to pay for the sins of her parents, my heroine named Silvana jettisons her Muslim faith in the desperate hope of a new life. In doing so, she impulsively boards a plane to Kenya with the man of her dreams to facilitate the escape. Hoping to never look back, she believes that she has found her safe haven. At first feeling the warmth of the tropical sun while traveling with her new husband to different and exotic countries, Silvana at first discovers what it means to be free from the ceaseless stigmatization and the pestering gossip of her home country. Yet unexpectedly, her husband exposes his other dark side to her, full of disturbing secrets and cascading her into thoughts of death born from this sudden misery. Silvana thus finds herself on the sharp side of a knife firmly gripped in her own hands. Will she use the knife? This riveting and compelling debut novel is a thrilling tale of love, cruelty, yet hope. It empowers my audience to seize back control of their lives before even contemplating using that knife. As an initial attempt at women's fiction and protest literature, Broken Chains was a 2017 Reader's Favorite and Bookvana Awards Finalist in the genre of Fiction (Inspiration). * * * II: A HELL FOR ALL SEASONS A Hell for All Seasons features seven bone-chilling short stories that span the globe, inviting you to partake in a spine-tingling supernatural adventure that you’ll not soon forget. Inside you’ll discover what happens when unsuspecting schoolgirls, strait-laced physicians, a swash-buckling cowboy, selfish hypocrites, a drunkard, female medium, and ordinary university students encounter their worst nightmares. What have they done to spark supernatural phenomena? Bad choices, bad timing, and bad karma come to haunt them in earth-shattering ways to teach them a much-needed, if not ill-guided lesson, filled with moments of terror, hours of chaos, and years of regret. * * * III: MY TWIN SISTER AND ME Having just appeared in English, my first children's book introduces young readers to the values of the international scout movement and is currently being translated into Russian. While all three of my books are fictional. However, serving first as a volunteer parent and then a scout leader (Bagheer) for three years starting in 2012 has helped me to write My Twin Sister And Me For the latter, I attended a few leadership training workshops in addition to passing a membership badge test, culminating in early February 2012 with the Scout Association of Trinidad Tobago awarding me with a Cub Scout Membership Certificate. As a scout leader I have ensured that cub scouts learn their lessons from the Scout Book, together with teaching them good values and sound discipline. Other than running these lessons, I used to take time to play football with them on the side, which I enjoy as one of many sports activities and outdoor exercises because more often than not the scouts just want to see if they can overtake me in running. I must emphasize that it is far from easy to fulfill the duties of a scout leader. Along with solid leadership skills, such leaders must have an overall patient demeanor and a talent for working with children who are studying to become responsible scouts and good citizens. For instance, upon being trained to interact with these children, leaders must demonstrate a facility for running or even participating in their games. However, above all and at all times, leaders must remain confident that every single scout under their care feels and is indeed safe. All of the above entails living up to the lesson plans by setting a good example for all the scouts. For instance, on one such scouting trip we traveled from Trinidad to Tobago and Suriname, only to encounter camping that became anything but easy and routine by virtue of the lessons. Rising at 6am, we would then spend the rest of the day outdoors on our feet, ensuring that the scouts remained active and safe, only then ending the day and getting to sleep quite late. Needless to say, on my first camping trip I lost a toenail, leaving as a scout leader entirely in 2015 to return to my permanent job. I'll be back to scouting soon...
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