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Shamim Ahamed
Sri Lanka

Earth Hour 2021

Mother Earth is doing so much for us and our existence would be impossible without her. Therefore we thought of joining the Earth hour which is a global movement organized in order to pay tribute to our Mother Earth.
Earth Hour is a global movement organized to encourage youth to think about mother Nature and for the conversation of it in our own ways. We RIS Scouts along with School Students from grades 5-13 and School staff members celebrated Earth Hour 2020 at their respective homes, engaging in 20 activities assigned by the World Scout Movement like candle-lit Portrait Drawing, Camping, Cooking Sing along with family, etc.
Through this project, many Scouts World Wide spent 24hours without light but with candle night and engaged in nature-friendly activities. This may have given relief to other Nature, And we Scouts too spent a day with Nature as well as with our Families.
Through this project, we learned and understood that how our activities have become a burden to mother nature and we were aware of how much energy we waste. And also we spent a nice time with our families.
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