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Dengue Prevention and Health Warning Campaign 2023

Dengue Prevention and Health Warning Campaign, 2023 inspired a voluntary organization called 'Youth's Foundation' and Unit Leader of Millat High School Scout Group to start the project.

We implement our project successfully. We first meet at Sikkatuli Park at 10:00 am and give everyone's opinion to implement the project and start the activities accordingly. First we are divided into 3 groups, the first group in ward no. 33 and 34 where water accumulates and spread beeching powder at the place where larvae are formed. This is how members of Millat High School Scout Group and Youth's Foundation jointly implemented the project.

The second and third groups went to shops and houses around the streets to deliver warning messages to the locals through leaflets and a microphone alert. The residents of Ward No. 33 and 34 have been alerted and benefited from this project. We project has had a very positive impact on the community and its people. Due to this project, the number of dengue patients will decrease and the acid mosquito larvae will die. And beautifying the environment will help.

Throughout this project I learned a lot about how to make people aware, how to keep clean and how to work together.

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