2023 Love Sending Warmth Activity

Hsinchu City is an important tech center in Taiwan. Wandering in this city where history and technology are intertwined, the citizens can be seen enjoying a wonderful life . However, there are groups of underprivileged people around the corners of the city. Most of them live on the street alone and use the street as their home.If there were a home, who would want to be a homeless person? Each homeless person has their own life story. Something that most of us would never have experienced.
Before the actual relief drive, we started out by taking a research to record the time, the place and the approximate number of homeless around the area in the old town during weekdays and weekends. According to the result, we evaluate the type of supply needed. The list includes blankets, instant noodles, drink water, cookies, masks, dried foods, ...etc. The actual collection started on our 20th anniversary.
This project has approximately benefited eighty people,we gave the homeless some supplies to make them more comfortable and let them stop being hungry.At the same time, we also started another activity. Joining the Old Five Old Foundation, we launched the invoices donating drive. It is an organization which has been working for the welfare and empowerment of older persons.Therefore, we also wish to provide some relief to the old persons during our relief drive to the homeless.
After finishing this project i have acquire a lot, like how to run a project from zero too hundred, at the begging I learned how to write a proposal , then start contacting with some mechanism to get their help,and when it comes to the part of giving out the supplies the react of the homeless people made me flet plenitude, if there is another chance to do this project I will prepare some more food and clothes.
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