Our rover's impression from WSYF
Republic of Moldova

Our rover's impression from WSYF

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Land of Fire! That’s how the greatest event of the world-wide known youth movement named Scouting, has started in the last month of summer of 2017. Scouts are people who provide enjoyable activities that combine personal development with meaningful service. Baden-Powell called it a “brotherhood of open air and service”. And this means that at the first event “World Scout Youth Forum” there has been gathered a huge group of young people linked by brotherhood and all the values that the whole scout family shares during their activities and life in general. The World Scout Youth Forum is an educational event to support the process of developing youth participation in partnership with adults and young members in the older age sections. It is an event that empowers and inspires young people through a participatory approach, helping them to develop skills in decision making which can be used within Scouting and in the wider society. 13th World Scout Youth Forum with the theme "Dream... Believe... Act..." started on the 7th of August and lasted until the 10th of August in the beautiful town of Gabala with an extraordinary view on mountains and beautiful nature that the country of Azerbaijan has to offer within its hospitality. It was the biggest and the most diverse World Scout Youth Forum ever – with 325 people from more than 120 NSOs represented. It has been an incredible event for all of us, all the scouts that are united through a lot of common objectives as to provide service to the Scout Movement, provide service to the community, develop as individuals by expanding one's range of skills, enjoy fellowship, social, outdoor, and cultural activities. WSYF (World Scout Youth Forum) started with an Online Training-Compass that is an online training course that had the aim to prepare future participants for the WSYF. All the participants had to go through Compass in order to refresh their knowledge about WOSM and Scout movement. It is a very important step in preparing candidates to contribute actively at the WSYF.After registering and going through this online training, the online app was available for all the participants having smartphones. Live streaming took place on this platform during the event, and contents were uploaded regularly to ensure young people can follow and contribute to some of the discussions. That’s how the organizers made digital engagement be possible during the event. Also, there was the first time ever e-voting process at the World Scout Youth Forum which increased democracy and transparency during voting the amendments and, as well, future Youth Advisors that will ensure a better connection between youth and adults within the movement. After a lot of long days filled with activities about SDGs, Dialogue forPeace, Messengers of Peace, Sustainable Development, the delegates were assigned to work in international teams in order to discuss the amendments and to ensure a better connections between the delegates from different countries of different regions and, as well, different ages and experiences behind. After we’ve elected the Youth Advisors on the third day, many more work had to be done and the delegates had to take on their shoulders the responsibility of voting. Being the only one delegate from my country has been a great honor for me, but, at the same time, I felt the great responsibility to be the voice of the whole NSO from Moldova. Besides voting and thinking about amendments, the delegates had a very entertaining program afterwards. We enjoyed the cultural night and felt the diversity of ours, then we enjoyed the 360 Market Place that had the purpose of getting our common achievements together, such as: projects that are achieving social impact (especially in relation to Messengers of Peace, Scouts of the World Award, Environmental Education, community development and/or any other initiative at local or national levels). The aim of the event was to show how Scouts are making a positive impact in their societies and for the participants to learn from each other’s experiences. I’m sure that the WSYF is aimed to have a huge impact and that the youth is not passive, but they want to create a better world, to contribute to the progress and social engagement.
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