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Brigada Scouting: Scouting for Young Aetas

Brigada Scouting (Scouting Brigade), one of the ten mini-projects of 4K [RE]solution, is a Scouting teaching service that aims to promote Scouting to young Aetas in Sitio Haduan and to further develop them to become responsible citizens and capable leaders. It includes teaching of the fundamentals of Scouting with basic Scouting skills (like knot tying, first aid, communication, trailing, etc.) and other life skills from it.

07/19,21/2022: The young Aetas learned basic knot tying which includes parts of a rope, types of knots, and basic knots. Furthermore, the facilitators taught the young Aetas some useful knots such as bowline.

(This mini-project is ongoing, so stay tuned for updates.)

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