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My Waste Monitoring

This activity will give an idea of how much waste is produced and how much people add to the accumulation of garbage. During the activity, participants will develop ideas on how to reduce waste.

Develop these Key Competencies

  • Systems thinking
  • Self Awareness
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem Solving

Materials Needed

  • Pen and
  • Notebook
Activity development

This activity is good if you do it with your team or a group of friends. Some previous arrangements will be needed around your community area.

Week 1/ Tracking your Waste

Could you invite your team members to keep track of their household waste by weighing its amount and categorising the type of waste they produce at home? To have a local reference, you can suggest they check their city's waste statistics online.


Week 2/ Compare and Discover

  • First, ask each member of your team will have the chance to show and compare their tracking numbers and statistics.  
  • Encourage them to share and discuss the reasons for higher or lower waste production and why they think it's the case in their household.
  • Be ready to start a conversation or present some information about waste management like:
    • Where is your waste going?
    • How is organic waste managed, collected or used for compost?
    • How are the different types of waste classified?
    • How many types of waste are separated in your municipality?

Week 3/ Visit a local waste management facility

Pre-arranged a visit to the closest waste management facility to learn more about managing waste. Encourage your friends to prepare some of their questions about handling waste management there. 

Relevant information if you are facilitating

• What did you see and experience at the local waste management facility?

• Do you think all the waste there needs to be produced in the first place?

• Are there alternatives to avoiding so much waste?

• How can you start reducing some of the waste in your household and everyday activities?  

Time needed

15 minutes

Age range

  • 11 to 14

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Time needed

15 minutes

Age range

  • 11 to 14