Webinar on COVID-19 Vaccination: Myths and Facts

 A webinar was organised by the national youth committee 'The Bharat Scouts And Guides, NHQ, INDIA' on COVID-19 vaccination : Myths and Facts. 


Miss Rakshita took the opportunity to be the host of the meeting and managed it so well. Shri PG Sindhiya sir (secretary general of BSG, Karnataka) addressed the guests and attendees of the webinar and marked the opening of the webinar. Many Doctor's assisted in the meeting to clear all the myths. Majorly Dr. Bhagawat Karad - member of the Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra and politician belonging to Bhartiya Janta Party. He is a highly eminent MBBS qualified doctor and a paeatic Surgeon. He briefed about the covid-19 and basic principal behind vaccination. He also discussed about the production of various vaccines in India i.e. covishield and covaxin and methods of formation of vaccine. I learned about the fact that vaccines are fully tested and forms antibodies in blood and cleared my all the myths. 


On flow Shri. M.A. Khalid sir also addressed the webinar. Later Dr. Shyamli Kulkarni mam made us learnt about the procedure to register for vaccination through a very nice powerpoint presentation and cleared mostly of my myths that vaccine is safe to take during periods and vaccines are safe for patients with comorbidity and also vaccination effective and safe for pregnant ladies and lactating women and also don't causes any kind of side-effects under normal conditions and the most importantly we need to use all the precautions even after we get the dose of vaccine. She also discussed and told facts about double masking process and gave us all the small and necessary information about the vaccination. 

      I got to learn a lot from the seminar and I will get myself vaccinated soon without any fear.


In last I would like to Thank National Youth Committee 'The Bharat Scouts And Guides' for organising this webinar and making me this confident and knowledgeable about the vaccination process. Also, waiting eagerly for the upcoming sessions like this more which will help us in creating a better world...

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