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Tree Planting in the Philippines

Trees are vital in our environment. As the biggest plants on the planet, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil and give life to the world's wildlife. The goal is to replace the trees and plants in the area of the headquarters office of Rizal Council. The Rizal Council of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines conducted a tree planting program together with the Rotary Club who volunteered.

The project held on sitio Abuyod in Teresa Rizal where our campsite is located. When we saw the post of our council about this event, we didn't hesitate and volunteered our selves. We as a scout and a citizen of this world we continuous helping the others on planting.

After years we are hopeful that the trees we planted will grow and bring it's former glory. The tress shall and grow help to bring back life. And I hope that the whole community will benefit this activity and hoping that we can join more of this event in the future. A small help can help in a huge way.

My learning from this project is to have more initiative on taking care of our earth since our earth is in the critical condition according the experts because of use humans who are exploiting our resources without replacing it .I want to have more activity more than this tree planting. My goals are to plant more plants and trees in the area specially the place is always be used as a camp site during camping.

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