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Tree Plantation Program on 2023

Observing the pressing environmental issues and deforestation concerns in our community, we were inspired to initiate the tree planting project. We believed that by fostering a green environment, we could contribute to combating climate change and enhancing biodiversity. The urge to create a sustainable future and raise awareness motivated us to take action.

In Tree Plantation Pogram 2023 we have 121 rover scouts of Bogra Polytechnic Institute rover scout group planted about 200 different fruit trees and flower saplings in 10 days. Here I participate spontaneously.

The measurable impacts of the tree planting project include a significant increase in the number of trees in our local area, resulting in improved greenery and air quality. The project raises environmental awareness among students and teachers, promoting sustainable practices. Furthermore, it contributes to climate change mitigation by sequestering carbon dioxide and reducing the carbon footprint.
From the project, we learned the importance of collective efforts in addressing environmental challenges. Working with teachers and fellow Scouts taught us effective coordination and teamwork. We gained valuable insights into tree planting techniques and environmental conservation. Witnessing the positive impact of our actions fueled our commitment to fostering a greener and sustainable future.
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