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Tree Plantation

Trees are one of the elements in our environment. Trees play an important role in protecting the environment. We need enough trees to cool this hot environment. But people are cutting down the trees for their needs resulting in a negative impact on the environment.

Keeping in mind the motto "Plant trees, save environment", our unit members organized a tree planting camp at the divider of Bishwa Road in our city and in the surrounding vacant lots.

Trees are very useful for our environment. Trees give us oxygen. Absorbs carbon dioxide. We live under the influence of oxygen. The environment is clear and active. Oxygen reduces the temperature of the environment. The environment is cooled by the effect of oxygen. When we plant trees, the amount of oxygen increases. Therefore, the environment is cool and beautiful when trees are planted.

We have planted 500 different types of saplings, such as medicinal plants, fruits, flowers, etc., which are useful for the people around. Everyone should plant more trees. It is our responsibility to protect the environment.

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