Support disadvantaged children through sports.

Support disadvantaged children through sports.

Fighting poverty and unemployment in Africa through sport; Such was our goal with our project 'Golf for All'. These are thousands of children from disadvantaged neighborhoods; Orphanages; Public schools throughout Cote d'Ivoire who had the chance to practice golf for the first time and free of charge. Golf in Côte d'Ivoire is a sport reserved for the well to do because the cost is very high (about 1650 dollars the membership). Embarking on such a project, we wanted to break down the socio-economic barriers and inspire and empower these children to fulfill their dream. Just like Jessica (pensioner) who dreamed of working one day at the World Bank; Mohamed wants to become a great international golfer like Tigers Woods and that everyone will see him on TV at major competitions. Accordingly, we went to remote areas, in the interior regions of the country (Korhogo, Ouangolodougou, Yamoussoukro) to provide free mass initiations to golf lessons in public squares, schools and childcare centers to select the talented who will integrate the Golf Academy Team STL. These are more than 10,000 children initiated to golf and 120 children who are sponsored to be trained to become the initial generation of proficient golfers in Cote d'Ivoire. We offer free kits, which include sports clothes and golf equipment to these children and work to enroll these children through our Sport-Studies program. Good academic results have an important place in our project because it is the foundation for the success and development of the youth of Africa. One of our pensioner selected in our Golf for All project of the golf academy team STL; a 07-year-old deaf and dumb girl, Nassara C. This little girl loved school but could not follow the lessons like the others nevertheless she always attended class to watch her friends. She took part in the initiation to golf and thanks to the project she is now sponsored by Randgold Resources for care. Now this child can hear and emit sounds. What's more wonderful than posing actions that can change the lives of others. As a messenger of peace, we continue to work to build a better world through scouting, in our work, in our neighborhoods and in our everyday lives.
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