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"A Street Dog Food Distribution Initiative"

On the occasion of 73rd Foundation Day of Bharat Scouts & Guides our every Scouts & Guides of Pushkar lal kedia Scouts & Guides group have fed house food to the street dogs.. It is important to ensure that any food given to dogs is safe and appropriate for their dietary needs. Many human foods, such as chocolate, grapes, and onions, can be toxic to dogs, so it is important to consult with a veterinarian or animal nutritionist to determine what foods are safe and appropriate for your dog.
Firstly our young scouts & guides of our PushkarLalkedia scout & guide group start this project with feeding local street dogs and they do this project for a month. Every weekend they fed house foods to the street dogs and between one day we also celebrated our73rd bsg foundation day in our scout group. facebook link:
If street dogs are struggling to find enough food to survive, providing them with human food can help meet their nutritional needs and increase their chances of survival. A balanced diet can help prevent malnutrition and improve the overall health of street dogs. Feeding street dogs can be a way for humans to form bonds with them and show kindness and compassion towards animals.
Overall, feeding house food to street dogs can teach us about the importance of proper nutrition, community involvement, and sustainable solutions to animal welfare issues. It is important to approach this issue with care and consideration for the welfare of the animals, as well as the broader community. When we feed street dogs our house food, we may be providing them with a more balanced and nutritious diet than they would otherwise have access to.
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