Special Lunch Food Drive

I was highly inspired from the Robinhood Army, a zero-fund organisation that provides food to the needy. Its motto "SERVE THE HUNGRY CITIZEN" motivated me a lot to work and do something for the society.

Firstly we went to Barasat at DR.C.K.Saha's place to pack the entire food into packets each containing rice, egg curry, soyabean and sweets. It took almost two hours to finish the packing and reach Disha Boys Home, Debpukur (Barrackpore) where we were to carry out the food drive with both the residents of that area as well as the kids in that orphanage.

By carrying out the same, I was able to help out 550 needy people with a day's lunch so that no one goes to bed without eating.

I've learnt that when you donate food or feed the needy for atleast a day or two, the amount of satisfaction you get from within is immeasurable. You also get to motivate many of the people living around you so that some day in the future they can also do something for the society.

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