Solar Ambassadors: Greetings to WSJ23 Scouts-go-Solar workshop

It is amazing what you can do with solar energy – either with kids of ten or with Rovers, and for yourself – no doubt, solar energy is the present energy of choice of the current and future generations. As part of the launch of Scouts Go Solar in World Jamboree in Japan by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) today. Let’s jump into the 2nd Solar Ambassadors training course at the Kandersteg International Scout Centre. Since a few days, we had a lot of workshop with a contingent of UK Scouts. In our team there are trainers from Switzerland and Kenya, and future Scouts Solar Ambassadors from Ivory Coast, Azerbaijan, Denmark and Peru. It was very interesting because we could address the same issues from the perspective of seven countries and three continents. It was an interesting dialogue about the solar potential of each country us. what percentage of that potential use, on how much electricity needed to produce vs how produce and what other forms of energy production exist - nuclear, wind, water, gas - and which of those are clean energies anyway ... We learned a lot: Directly and on meta-level about the perception of the kids.“ Rosa Maria said. Rikke from Denmark adds: "I’ve seen in the eyes of the kids when it made 'aha', by getting the insight how few of the energy the sun is sending to the earth is in fact used, and how huge the potential is“. And Rufat from Azerbaijan is enthusiastic: "Solar energy that is what our children need, within Scouting, and outside as well. And the solar badge stations work very well“ – they are similar to the ones you can see at GDV. "But the best of it all is, Marie Louise from Côte d’Ivoire said, that you can do very useful practical things. I enjoyed to assemble first and then a solar suitcase, a mobile solar generator i think that it's a real opportunity for Africa which have a lot sun every day!“. It is cool to go solar – and the SgS Community is growing: Two weeks ago, Scout leaders from Mexico, India, Algeria, Pakistan, Namibia and France have been certificated as Solar Ambassadors. Go solar, you too! Now. Check-in on our Solar Ambassadors FB page here. Check-out the great solar didactical material on partner Solafrica page. Support World Scouting message at UN Climate Conference, COP21: Scouts go Solar!
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