Service to the Mankind during Car Festival

Odisha is the land of festivals. In Odia there is a proverb “Bara Mase Tera Paraba”. It means 13 main festivals are being celebrated every year. The Car Festival of Lord Jagannath is one of the prominent festivals. In which the deity comes out to give DARSHAN to the devotees. So lakhs of people come together to have this opportunity. So the big crowd needs volunteers for various purposes. Keeping it in view members of BSG come forward.
On the first day, we had a muck drill and Swachhata Abhiyan, and the camp was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Governor. Then manage the crowd during 'DARSHAN'. Looking at the huge gathering plan changed for the next day and focused on water sprinkling, carrying the casualties, maintaining the crowd, and maintaining the road for the ambulance. As per the division of duties, service has been done as per the planning with full enthusiasm.
Participants had highly impressed everybody as lakhs of people were benefited from their duties. They not only benefited temporarily but also were inspired to do such benevolent work.
From this, it was learned that perfect planning is required to achieve more success.
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