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Selangor Post-Flood Relief Mission

When it rained non-stop for several days to the annoyance of the local residents, I was called to start the first step in preparation for the flood relief mission.
This project started when I got a call from a fellow scout from the State of Kedah about 450km from the area that will be flooded. I was appointed as Liaison Officer and Coordinator between several states such as Kedah, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur to form a combined scout team from those states.
Aid began to be distributed to the community around Sri Muda, Padang Jawa and Putra Height. Among the beneficiaries are Medical Officers who were affected by the flood. These people are the front line when Malaysia faces the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. In addition, the local community is also helped by providing basic food supplies, blankets, sanitary napkins, clean water supplies and financial donations.
What I have learned is to be prepared to face the calamity that is expected to strike. This is because we will not be able to have accurate expectations so we have to prepare and start thinking about the needs, manpower, mobilization, coordination and so on. The suggestion for improvement is to always follow the current development of weather conditions for a period of at least 1 month in advance to prepare yourself, team, funds, equipment, and supplies.
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