Scouts in the great lakes region of Africa to build lasting peace in their communities
Marc Wiseman

Scouts in the great lakes region of Africa to build lasting peace in their communities

  For decades, the Great Lakes Region has suffered from a series of conflicts, especially ethnic violence, resulting in a number of destabilizing issues. Beginning in 2005 supported by Gifts for Peace, Scouts and Guides from Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Rwanda joined together to combat these issues and establish lasting peace. This remarkable effort marked the beginning of the Amahoro Amani Project.   Through this project, over 400 Scouts and Guides were trained as community mediators and created hundreds of Peace Clubs. These Clubs played a vital role in sparking social change. They engaged in activities such as, supporting the return of refugees, protecting the environment, cleaning hospitals, and bridging cultural gaps. Additionally, this project illustrates the strong bond Scouts and Guides have in their quest to spread peace in their communities. Gilbert Mussumba, the Project Manager of Amahoro Amani, described the objectives of the Project as an effort to mobilize youth to spread and maintain peace in the Great Lakes Region as well as train youth in peaceful conflict resolution. By the end of this phase of Amahoro Amani, in November 2013, the leaders intend to reach 29,000 Scouts and train them to become Messengers of Peace. These Scouts will join their fellow Messengers and work towards eliminating poverty, overcoming differences, and combating conflicts in the Great Lakes Region. Ultimately, the valuable lessons learned through Amahoro Amani may extend past the Africa Scout Region and facilitate the spread of peace across the globe.  
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