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A Scout is Thrifty: Financial Literacy Webinar

Scout is Thrifty. All scouts are required to abide by our scout laws, and one of those laws is being thrifty and wise with money. As such, as scouts, we must practice and abide as well as this as scouts, we must practice not alone but together. For this reason, together with the other 9 Scouts from Samar Council, Pasay City Council and Scout Valeriano Abello Community Scouting, and 2 Adult Leaders we conducted this type of webinar for financial literacy webinar and activity participated by 40 Scouts.

On December 3, 2022, the "A Scout is Thrifty: Financial Literacy" Webinar was presented by the Boy Scouts of the Philippines - Samar Council, Pasay City Council, Scout Valeriano Abello Community Scouting, and the National Youth Commission - Baguio Area Office. The initiative was approved and partnered with an agency for youth like the National Youth Commission after careful preparation and collaboration with the Scouting Council involved.

Why Financial Literacy? Financial literacy provides people with the information and abilities needed to efficiently handle money, which is vital for us in our daily lives and helps us grasp the worth of money. When we comprehend the worth of money, we can better manage our finances. Through this program, scouts and young people will be assisted in improving their capacity for personal and organizational financial management.

I've learned in this program that learning by ourselves is not always the most efficient method. We must recognize that learning with others is more efficient, and that doing so will help us better understand the concepts and goals we are pursuing, such as in this webinar's desire to have good financial management skills, which are frequently scarce in our community and occasionally offered at a later age, and which must be learned while we are still young.

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