Road Safety Awareness.

Statistics show that, nowadays the death rate or road accidents is much higher than any of the epidemics or pandemics. 462 nos. of persons die daily and many more get injured in our country due to road accidents. Keeping this in view Odisha State BSG organized an awareness campaign in collaboration with the Traffic dept. of Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

On 01st January 2024, the Rovers & Rangers gathered in the premises of SHQrs, Odisha State BS&G. On the first day, they got training on road safety. From the next day they visited the nearest most crowded intersections daily with traffic officials and motivated the public about safety rules. Last day, they had an awareness rally. They had placards depicting different messages on road safety. The rally covered a distance of 05 km. They were also giving slogans to draw the attention of the public.

From this project learned that we should not waste our lives on road accidents. We know the hazards of the trivial negligence of not using helmets, seat belts, etc. but still, we are breaking the safety rules.

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