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Recycling plastic wastes to create a better world.

Reduction of the use of 1 time plastic substance and measuring the average plastic wastage was the main motive of this project. We were able to present the heavy usage of Plastic substance and the amount of wastage it is creating.
We measured the amount of Plastic wastage gets generated everyday in our locality and by making a presentation of the numbers we made some leaflets about the mass generation of the Plastic usage to the people in our locality and make them aware about the fact.
By this project, the unconscious general people get to know about the mass generation of Plastic substance they are creating and thereby endangering the ecological balance of our nature and our existence also.
From this project, I got to learn that people are still unconscious about the mass production of Plastic substances and the harm its causing to nature. We could make the project better by making our promotion better by doing the project in an even bigger way and reach out to many more people and making them aware about the dangerous facts of Plastic and reduction of its usage.
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