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Recycle Plastic Material Activity

Myself Anis Ali Scout Leader of Al Azhar Garden Scout Group. i am convinced to do this project because we know plastic is destroying our nature and climate. For that we collect plastic material from home to home and make creative items from them, which is useful and sustainable. My goal is to do this type of activity in every 3 months.
The project is executed at Al Azhar Garden and our steps to execute. 1-Collection Plastic Material from home to home. 2-Make a creative and useful things from plastic. 3-Do Exhibition for Jamat and let them know how to use plastic.
500+ people are benefited from this project the impact of the project is some people tell us now we also use plastic bottle in different ways like you all did and our audience encourage us do to such type of project in future and gave awareness.
How to reuse plastic in such useful ways and clean our environment to maintain climatic changes.
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