Quench the Thirst.

Once this summer while returning from college in mid-day, some of my friends had to face a serious situation. They saw a man fall down on the road. My friends tried to give first-aid but could not find water which was barely needed. Anyhow they managed to shift the casualty to medical. But this incident inspired them and they decided to have a water distribution point in that area atleast in summer. 

The center started on 10th of May with the cooperation of the Railway department. All the concerned Rovers & Rangers were jealous enough and distributed the work among themselves. As per their application, the state headquarters has granted some financial help. They also approached the local counselor for more assistance and succeeded also. Daily around 10 Rover Rangers distribute cool water mixed with curd, salt, mint etc. It was really a great help to quench the thirst of the needy people.

Satisfying thirsty people does not only please the person related. Even the public could feel its importance as two or three cases were such that, the person concerned might be victimized under the ghastly sunstroke if not given assistance of cold water. Witnessing it the public could feel the importance of such Jalachhatra.

We know there is no more auspicious work than satisfied once thirst. But this time we got the opertunities to experience it pratically. It makes us confident to continue such work. At the same time we got a great lession that, it could be arranged much before the arrival of summer. So that, the public assistance can be wider. A better shade may be built up so that people could get some rest. More of our unit members can be joined so that we can help more people.

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