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People started a community pantry in different areas. Community pantries in the Philippines are food banks established by Filipinos during the country's COVID-19 community quarantine. The Alumni of Aranzan Scout Movement decide to take action and help those who are severely affected by this pandemic. We as friends decide that we can help since other people in my country started a small pantry to support who those in need.

We set our small pantry in Barangay Sta. Ana, San Mateo Rizal. We gathered donations for our pantry, we accept monetary and goods from our Alumuni School the Nuestra SeƱora de Aranzazu Parochial School and some donations from our fellow alumni that will be donated for those people who are severely affected during the pandemic economically. Using the money we bought sacks of rice, canned goods, and basic needs that are good for 1 week.

I believed that we help a lot of poor families our are severely affected of pandemic. Because there are people who re no work no pay in this time. With our small project we help more than 100 families in our pantry. And also some so our fellow neighbors stared a small community pantry and we also support different projects from different charity groups. Up until now we are still supporting different barangays in our place.

We are the alumni scouts and decided to help other people. Because of these we established a helping community which is called ENCOMPASS and the goal of this charity group is to help other people who are in deep need in our capability. We learned things during this project. I've learned that we are privilege enough that we don't experience of being in hunger. In all of our best can continue our charity for those who are in need.

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