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Plantation Project

People harm the environment in many ways. Global warming, deforestation, nuclear weapons...etc. Because of this in the near future the most essential for life on earth such as food, water, the atmosphere will be destroy by human beings. This will never lead mankind to a bright future. Therefore the scouts of Royal International School organized this project in order to save the planet.
The Scouts of RIS are always nature lovers foreseeing the future hazards to come due to deforestation and pollution, the Scouts started a tree planting project at the school on 26th of November 2019 where they planted numerous plants in the school premises and also vegetables with the usage of only organic fertilizer.
"A man does not plant a tree for himself, he plants it for posterity" - Alexander Smith. This initiative was taken to protect the nature and to give the society poison free healthy veggies. This project gives out clean air that is directly produced by the producers of the world, also known as green plants.
'He who plants a tree plants a hope' - Lucy Larcom. From this project I learned that the race of humans need plants as much as they need us. The cycle of life continues as long as we give them carbon dioxide and they give us oxygen. Another important thing I learned is that how much food can a plant produce, this project encouraged me to start my own home garden.
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