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PEDESTRIAN LANES: Road Safety, Save People's Lives

Safety is not automatic, think about it! Traffic injuries are not equally spread over the world, however, some countries hit harder than others, and the chance of being killed in a road crush depends on where one lives. The United Nations has adopted several resolutions on Road Safety and propose actions to track road safety crises. Urban area like our town flocked with many kinds of vehicles. People just crossed the streets. No pedestrian lanes. It may cause danger. We need to do something.

The first thing we did, we went to Mayor's Office to inform the Mayor about the project. Upon approval, we talked to Barangay Captains where the project will be implemented. Office of the Municipal Engineer was also consulted. A face to face meeting approved by AITF conducted. Scouts from Outfit 869 headed by Scouter Janield S. Torres, CML and Eagle Scout John Ryan P. Ilao and adult leaders from different schools headed by Scouter Arnulfo U. Quisto Jr., CML were involved in the project

White stripes painted on the streets are not for vandalism. Not for decoration for our aesthetic sense. It's all for our safety. Pedestrian lines painted in 5 different strategic locations within the Municipality of Guinayangan. 1 in front of St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parish for the safety of churchgoers, 3 in front of different schools for students and teachers safety and 1 in front of municipal building where more than 15,000 constituents will be benefited by the project.
We came up with this project with the strong desire to protect citizens of Guinayangan against the accidents in the road. One's life is important we dont want to lose our relatives, friends in a road crush, we want them to cross the streets with no danger.
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