Nuevo Amanecer ¡Together we go further!

The coverage capacity in each section of the scout groups of the NSO Colombia, indicated that the scout groups have a coverage below the installed capacity in the Minor Sections, that is, each scout group can increase its coverage in youth membership and provide optimal support to the adults in scouting involved in the Cub Scouts and Scouts sections. The growth of the Minor Sections of the scout group, will be strengthened, and the sustainability of the Major Sections will be contributed.
Nuevo Amanecer, a strategy for growth in Colombia, is implemented throughout the national territory, 20 departments of our country. It is carried out through practical face-to-face workshops, delivering a Nuevo Amanecer Kit (printed and digital), a booklet "Guidelines for growth", positioning of the Scout brand, and territorial animation that strengthens technical, human and operational capacities for the recruitment of young people and adults for scouting, for the minor sections of your group.

563 adults in scouting from 190 scout groups are beneficiaries of Nuevo Amanecer, strengthening their capacities with strategies and tools for membership growth, achieving a growth of 1,624 non-scouts boys, girls and adolescents and 490 non-scout adults affiliated with the NSO.

The impact is strong because by positioning the scout brand through digital media such as social networks, and in person, it makes scouting visible, increasing membership in scout groups. It impacts the community as a "Protective Environment" necessary for the transcendental moment of our country. Colombian families see in scouting an opportunity to make a positive contribution to their life projects.

The learning that I take with me is to maintain unity in the positioning of the scout brand, strengthen the capacities of adults in scouting with technological tools and capacities to attract more adult and young members. Recognizing that Nuevo Amanecer is not just a project, but a growth strategy that lasts over time. Let each adult have the intention, commitment and kindness, and if we give them the tools, their actions will be more powerful, being accompanied.
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